CNTY Awarded WTE Contract in Xiangcheng

On March 15th 2019, China Tianying(CNTY) received the Award Notification Letter from the Urban Administration Bureau of Xiangcheng, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, confirming that it had successfully won the bid for a Waste-to-Energy(WTE) BOT project. The proposed price was around RMB445 million, with a proposed waste treatment fee at RMB68/tonne.

The WTE plant is planned to be built in Niutan Village Zhengguo Township of Xiangcheng County. The BOT project has a concession of 30 years(including 24 months of construction). The plan is to build a WTE plant with a capacity of 1200 tonnes/day. In Phase one, it will be equipped with two 400t/d mechanical grate furnaces and one 15MW steam turbine generator; in Phase two, another 400t/d mechanical grate furnace and a 7.5MW steam turbine generator will be added. The main structure will be completed during Phase one. The plant is expected to run for no less than 8000 hours a year.